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Peace, Silence, Stillness

The Spirituality Center brings together spiritual practices from various sources to provide you with a set of tools you can use to achieve harmony within yourself, compassion towards others, and, ultimately, have a positive impact on the outside world. The Spirituality Center offers numerous workshops throughout the year as well as weekly sits. Please see our events below or find us on Facebook for more information. All are welcome to any of our offerings.

The Center leader is Daniel Johnson, O.P.A. who, in addition to being an Episcopal priest, has studied Eastern philosophy extensively. His diverse background allows him to blend Western ideas and Eastern spirituality into a caring approach that you will find both stimulating and fun.

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Online Meditation Room

We will resume our Saturday sits on September 11. We invite you to join us in our Online Meditation Room (Meeting ID: 914 5158 7373, Passcode: 828352) a peaceful space where we can reflect, meditate, and explore our spiritual lives in community. These short meditations are held every Saturday at 8:00 am for 30 minutes. This is an open space so please feel free to distribute the link above to anyone you feel would benefit from this practice.

Thank you all for being part of our community. We look forward to continuing to cultivate our spiritual lives together. Questions? Please call 540.582.5033.


How to Avoid Becoming a Mindful Jerk
DATE: September 18, 2021
LOCATION: Outdoors at 8951 Courthouse Rd, Spotsylvania VA 22553 and on Zoom
LEADER: Fr. Daniel Johnson, O.P.A.
REGISTER: Via Eventbrite

There is no wrong or right, but right is right and wrong is wrong.
~Zen Saying

A mindful person isn’t necessarily a good person. It’s easy to be a mindful jerk—fully aware of not being very nice with no desire to change. So what good is mindfulness without guiding principles and self-reflection?

In this 2-hour session we will examine the intersections between mindfulness, meditation, and doing the right thing. We will also examine how mindfulness and meditation differ, yet shape one another, and how our humanity should influence our practice so that our time on the cushion, or on the chair, translates into kind, joyful, patient, and empathetic interactions in our day to day lives.

This session will consist of two talks separated by two 20-minute meditations. A Q&A will
follow. The talks will include both Buddhist and Christian meditation techniques as well as
secular mindfulness techniques. We will also discuss the Four Noble Truths and the Noble
Eightfold Path in correlation to the ethical precepts found in the Christian Gospels.
You are welcome to this workshop regardless of faith tradition or experience. We look forward to having you with us!


Iconography in the Orthodox Church – This presentation was held on June 12. Fr. John C. Katsoulis, the priest and pastor at Nativity of the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Church, discussed the history, styles, and usages of icons in the Orthodox Church.

Discovering Yourself through Discovering Nature – This workshop was held on May 8.  Jackie Ryan (Planting Seeds of Hope and Children’s Land Canada) shared inspirational stories of actions that children of all ages have taken throughout the world to bring joy to themselves, other people and the natural world.

The video of this presentation can be found here

The Gentle Silence: Centering Prayer – This workshop was held on April 10. John Farrelly provided an introduction to the foundations of Centering Prayer, a contemplative practice that dates back to the early days of Christianity.

Audio of The Gentle Silence workshop can be found here.

Information about Centering Prayer: