Transition Information

Christ Church Has A New Rector! The Rev. Daniel E. Johnson, Obl. O.P.A, will begin his ministry with Christ Church June 1, 2019. Please click here to learn about Daniel.

On August 17th, the Vestry met with the Rev. Dr. Mary Brennan Thorpe, Director
of Transition Ministry for the Diocese. The Rev. Dr. Thorpe will guide us through
the transition process outlined below:

  • The transition ministry office meets with the vestry as soon as the priest’s departure is announced to discuss the road ahead. Completed
  • The vestry calls an interim priest. Completed
  • A Search Committee is constituted and commissioned. Completed
    Members: Alan Bareford (Chairperson), Lindsay Bates, McKenzie Goldberg, Ed Houck, Jeff Massey
  • The Search Committee studies the parish with input from the congregation and develops a draft Community Ministry Portfolio (CMP). This document provides an overview of our church and its vision. Completed. To view the search results, click here.
  • A draft CMP is presented to the Vestry for discussion and approval. Completed
  • This approved document is presented to the Bishop’s Transition Ministry Office for review. The finished CMP becomes the guide for the Search Committee. Completed
  • The Search Committee will then seek Candidates provided by the Bishop’s Transition Ministry Office, who match the needs and wants identified in the CMP. Completed
  • The Search Committee interviews candidates and selects one nominee to present to the Vestry for consideration. Completed
  • If the Vestry affirms the finalist the Vestry extends a call. Completed
  • If the call is accepted, the candidate and Vestry negotiate an agreement. Completed
  • The candidate, senior warden and the Bishop sign the agreement. Completed
  • A mutual ministry review is conducted after the priest has served one year.

The Rev. Dr. Thorpe estimates that this process will take twelve to
eighteen months to complete.