Spirituality Center

Peace, Silence, Stillness

The Spirituality Center brings together spiritual practices from various sources to provide you with a set of tools you can use to achieve harmony within yourself, compassion towards others, and, ultimately, have a positive impact on the outside world.

The Center leader is Daniel Johnson, O.P.A. who, in addition to being an Episcopal priest, has studied Eastern philosophy extensively. His diverse background allows him to blend Western ideas and Eastern spirituality into a caring approach that you will find both stimulating and fun. Daniel will lead the workshops described below.
Please note: these are non-religious events.

The Spirituality Center offers events throughout the year. Check back here or on Facebook often to see what’s next.

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Online Meditation Room
During this uncertain time, we invite you to join us in our Online Meditation Room, a peaceful space where we can reflect, meditate, and explore our spiritual lives in community.

            WHEN: Saturdays at 8:00 a.m.
            WHERE: via Zoom
            LEADER: Daniel Johnson, O.P.A.
This is an open space so please feel free to distribute the link above to anyone you feel would benefit from this practice.
This is a non-religious event
Questions? Please call 540.582.5033
To join using a phone:
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An Introduction to Reflective Exercise: An Ancient Chinese Therapeutic Practice for Mind, Body and Spirit
WHEN: October 17 at 10:00 a.m.
WHERE: Online
LEADER: John Alton
COST: Free
REGISTER: Via Eventbrite

The Spirituality Center is excited to welcome John Alton, a renowned authority on Reflective Exercise. In this 2-hour virtual workshop you will learn techniques that will help you monitor your health and strengthen your immune system.

John has studied extensively in China and for over a decade operated an instructional studio in Charlottesville, VA before spreading his ideas globally. He has written three books on the Reflective Exercise and led four university-based research studies on this practice. For eleven years he taught this practice to the University of Virginia Varsity swim team. He has presented his ideas and research to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, the U.S. Army War College, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Google, the Beijing Sport University, and Beijing Normal University. He is a board member of the International Society of Chinese Health Practices, a Chinese professional health organization that seeks to research and explain Traditional Chinese Medicine in Western medical terms.

John will use his extensive knowledge to help you:

  • Understand the science behind Reflective Exercise
  • Practice breathing techniques that are central to the practice
  • Use body movement exercises that coordinate with your new way to breathe
  • Finally, pull it altogether by practicing the combined Reflective Exercise routine.

At the end of this two-hour, virtual Zoom workshop you’ll have new ways to monitor your health and improve your immune response.  Please join us for this amazing experience.


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Resources from John Alton

Be Still and Know
This free virtual meditation session will begin with a guided meditation, which will lead to an extended period of silent meditation.
This will be a time for centering, silence, and connection. During this time of physical separation, the ability to gather together as a community is as important as ever. We are happy to offer this virtual meditation space to all who wish to center themselves in the peace of the present moment.

Bubble, 1000 Lotus Petal and Walking Meditation
Join us on January 11th for this second workshop in our meditation series. At this free two-hour session, we will focus on two distinct forms of meditation: Bubble Meditation and the 1,000 Lotus Petal Meditation. Both meditations use words and images to help focus the mind and observe thoughts without judgement. These meditations are particularly helpful for those who are more visual or those who have difficulty quieting the
mind. We will also, once again, practice Walking Meditation… the common activity of walking helps to focus the mind and achieve tranquility. For those with mobility issues an alternative form of meditation will be offered.

Loving Kindness Meditation
Join us on February 15th for the next workshop in our meditation series: Loving Kindness Meditation. In a Psychology Today article entitled “Eighteen science backed reasons to try Loving Kindness Meditation” author Emma Seppala, Ph.D., cites the evidence for this meditation technique giving practitioners:

Feelings of joy, contentment, confidence and hope; Fewer migraines; Less chronic pain;    Increased capacity for compassion; Slower biological aging; Better interpersonal relationships

In this free two-hour session, we will practice the techniques that will make you a happier, more compassionate person. In a Loving Kindness Meditation, you focus your love first on yourself, then someone close to you, then a neutral person and, finally, someone you don’t like. As your love spreads out from you, it doubles back to you. We will practice repeating a few simple phrases like “I am strong and my body is healthy” first about yourself and then about others and see how it can actually quiet your inner critic. Experience these extraordinary outcomes for yourself!