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Peace, Silence, Stillness

The Spirituality Center brings together spiritual practices from various sources to provide you with a set of tools you can use to achieve harmony within yourself, compassion towards others, and, ultimately, have a positive impact on the outside world.

The Center leader is Daniel Johnson, O.P.A. who, in addition to being an Episcopal priest, has studied Eastern philosophy extensively. His diverse background allows him to blend Western ideas and Eastern spirituality into a caring approach that you will find both stimulating and fun. Daniel will lead the workshops described below.
Please note: these are non-religious events.

The Spirituality Center offers events throughout the year. Check back here or on Facebook often to see what’s next.

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Online Meditation Room

During this uncertain time, we invite you to join us in our Online Meditation Room, a peaceful space where we can reflect, meditate, and explore our spiritual lives in community.

            WHEN: Saturdays at 8:00 a.m.
            WHERE: via Zoom
            LEADER: Daniel Johnson, O.P.A.
This is an open space so please feel free to distribute the link above to anyone you feel would benefit from this practice.
This is a non-religious event
Questions? Please call 540.582.5033


WHEN: May 8 at 10:00 a.m. to noon
WHERE: Online
LEADER: Jackie Ryan, Executive Director of Planting Seeds of Hope
COST: Free
WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone who interacts with children, including: families, caregivers, educators
and administrators, community groups.
REGISTER:Via Eventbrite

Join Jackie Ryan (Planting Seeds of Hope and Children’s Land Canada) as she shares inspirational stories of actions that children of all ages have taken throughout the world to bring joy to themselves, other people and the natural world. Learn about an initiative called Children’s Lands that connects children to the living spirit of the land and supports the development of meaningful and authentic relationships between children and all of creation.
• Participate in fun activities that highlight our current ‘disconnection’ from the natural world.
• Discuss empowering ways to encourage and support children in developing meaningful, loving and lasting relationships with the natural world.
• Learn simple ways to reestablish that connection for yourself and your family.

About Jackie Ryan
Jackie Ryan is the Founder and Executive Director of Planting Seeds of Hope (plantingseedsofhope.ca) as well as the national coordinator for Children’s Lands Canada (CLC). Jackie oversees 46 acres of land in Middleport, Ontario, Canada that has been donated to local children who have become the lead decision makers for the land. They work collectively to create a microcosm of the kind of world they would like to live in.
CLC is a child-centered international initiative recognized by UNESCO as being a best practice in education for sustainable development. The program provides children with opportunities to become the caretakers, decision makers and wisdom-keepers of everything that unfolds on a given area of land. CLC gives children a voice and empowers them to believe in themselves and their own ability to bring positive change to the world. They make decisions that benefit themselves, others and nature and by doing so, they are creating a better world.

Please join us for this family-oriented experience.

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The Gentle Silence: Centering Prayer – This workshop was held on April 10. The audio and a description of the event can be found below:

Audio of The Gentle Silence workshop can be found here.

Information about Centering Prayer:

Did you know that meditation has been part of the Christian tradition since Jesus? Unfortunately, we Christians lost track of our contemplative roots in favor of a more external approach to our faith. It wasn’t until the mid-20th century that the Trappist Monk and modern mystic, Thomas Keating, brought Centering Prayer and contemplative practice back to the forefront of Christian life. Now Centering Prayer and other Christian contemplative practices are becoming more and more common in many Church communities, both in-person and online.

In ‘The Gentle Silence: Centering Prayer,’ we will explore and practice this method of meditation that places a strong emphasis on interior silence. John Farrelly, a devoted contemplative practitioner, will provide an introduction to the foundations of Centering Prayer including a video featuring Thomas Keating himself. You will learn how to select your sacred word to help you experience an inner silence. Our time together will include two 20-minute meditation sessions to give you the opportunity to practice what you have learned.

About John Farrelly
The Spirituality Center is pleased to welcome John Farrelly. Based out of Ireland, John is one of the founding members of the online contemplative community “silence@six,” an international community made up of more than 100 individuals who meet online daily at 6:00 p.m. Irish time to practice Centering Prayer. John also leads a weekly online contemplative service known as “Silentium.” A devoted contemplative practitioner himself, John’s main focus is teaching and helping others understand Centering Prayer and incorporate Christian contemplative practice into their day-to-day lives.