How to Meditate: A Beginner’s Workshop

Do you feel tense, anxious and overwhelmed? Do you have trouble concentrating and sleeping?
You are not alone. Today’s world of constant connection is extremely challenging and, in some cases, debilitating. Our devices never seem to leave us alone. Many people, however, have found the strength to disconnect for a time and find inner peace through meditation.

To see if meditation can free you from the tyranny of always being ‘on’ please join us at:

How to Meditate: A Beginner’s Workshop

This two-hour, free event will teach you how to
• Do both seated and walking meditation
• Center yourself, quiet the inner storm and control your anxiety
• Use mindfulness to improve concentration
• Renew your energy through short meditation breaks

You will also learn to use these techniques when you need them the most – even if you can spare just a few minutes in your busy day.

The workshop leader is Daniel Johnson who, in addition to being an Episcopal priest, has studied Eastern philosophy extensively. His diverse background allows him to blend Western ideas and Eastern spirituality into a caring approach that you will find both stimulating and fun.

Please note: this is a non-religious event.

When: November 9th – 10:00AM to noon
Where: The ASH building on the campus of Christ Episcopal Church, 8951 Courthouse Road, Spotsylvania, VA 22553

Cost: FREE

To register: click here
Questions: call 540.582.5033