Parish Health & Care

Ministering the the health of the flesh and the spirit

PURPOSE: To help serve the emotional and spiritual needs of the congregation.

MEETINGS: As called and at least quarterly.

MEMBERSHIP: Vestry liaison member and other members from the congregation.

1. To represent the care and concerns of the congregation by visiting the sick and shut-ins either by personal visits, written notes, and/or telephone calls.

2. To reach out on behalf of the congregation in times of other needs (death, family crises, unemployment, etc.) either by personal visits, written notes, and/or telephone calls.

3. To maintain close communication with the Rector concerning congregational needs, and to assist the rector as needed.

4. To inform the Rector and the Human Needs Commission of any need regarding food, clothing, financial assistance, transportation, babysitting, etc., which may be needed by a parish family.

5. To assist the Membership Commission by noting inactive members and reaching out through correspondence and/or telephone calls.

6. To provide a Prayer Chain whose members will commit themselves to pray continually for those listed on the monthly prayer list as well as immediate needs as they arise and are conveyed by phone requests.

7. To make an annual report to the Vestry, including any budget requests.

8. To present a written or oral report at the Annual Congregational Meeting.

ELECTION/APPOINTMENT: Chairman selected by the Commission and approved by the Vestry. Other members recruited by the Chairman and approved by the Vestry.

TERM OF SERVICE: Annual and renewable.